WP leader: Egil Petter Stræte, Centre for Rural Research

In this WP lessons across the other WPs will be summed up and synthesized. The involvement of international researchers will be organized in this WP. This WP is important to communicate knowledge and results from the project, and to follow the objective of the project, relative much resources is allocated to this WP.


  • T4.1: International workshops. The international cooperation will mainly be done in this task. Three workshops will be organized rotating between the countries. By visiting each country the whole team get access to data and impressions from other countries. A workshop will include both meetings with farmers and advisors, and a research session for analysis and writing.
  • T4.2: Scientific publishing in papers in journals or books with referees. See 13) below.
  • T4.3: Recommendations. Based on the research results and dialogue with the business partners and seminars, recommendations for policy, models, methods and tools will be developed in a short report.
  • T4.4: Communication of knowledge and results from the project is of high priority and will be an activity from an early stage of the project.

Key research questions: Check and verification of answers to research questions in all WPs.